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Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies (CICTDT) from Cambridge Assessment and International Examinations (CAIE), UK at Indus Training & Research Institute (ITARI), Bengaluru

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    About Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies (CICTDT):

    The Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies (CICTDT) enable teachers to:

    • Critically engage with key theories, concepts, principles and issues in using digital technologies to support teaching and learning.
    • Develop effective and reflective practice in leading learning using digital technologies.
    •  Focus on understanding the potential and use of digital technologies for best impact in teaching and learning.

    Taking this certificate and diploma will help you to:

    • Experiment and innovate in your own context with the opportunities offered by digital technologies.
    • Enhance your design and practice in teaching with digital technologies.
    • Demonstrate your professional development as a teacher able to use digital technologies critically and purposefully in teaching and learning.

    Application Deadline: Apply Now

    Course Commencement: 1st September 2023

    Duration and Mode of Delivery

    Duration: 6-8 months part-time (Through three Phases – Guided learning sessions, independent learning and peer collaboration, and work based learning comprising of 50 hours each.


    The Certificate comprises three units related to practice which together form Module 1: Exploring teaching and learning with digital technologies.

    Unit 1: Understanding the potential of digital technologies to support learning and teaching.

    Unit 2: Teaching a lesson with digital technologies.

    Unit 3: Evaluating the use of digital technologies to support teaching and learning.

    The contact sessions for these units shall happen at ITARI, Bengaluru, through a blended learning model with both face-to-face and online learning.

    Eligibility Criteria

    Graduate degree from a recognised University.

    The Certificate is intended for full-time or part-time practicing teachers in educational establishments, training organizations and companies.


    Blended Sessions:

    The three units of the module are covered through 50 hours of faculty-led guided sessions.

    Personalized Mentoring:

    Expert mentoring support during the practice and reflection process.

    Support materials:

    All candidates receive the required study and support materials for the course. The candidates will have access to ITARI library for reference work.

    Few of our recruitment partners

    Selection Process

    Application with Statement of Purpose

    Review of eligibility and Statement of Purpose

    Interaction with the applicant

    Review of potential for commitment to the profession

    Review of appropriate English language competence to pursue a UK university qualification


    At ITARI i gained the necessary skills to prepare for me for a teaching career. The programme propped me up as an independent, thinking and value-based person. These qualities over and above any skill, helped me to mould my students with empathy and foresight. I will forever be grateful to ITARI for opening the doors to my mind and heart to make me the best possible version of myself.

    Pinky Ann Daniel,
    M.A. Ed. 2022

    Indus International School, Bangalore

    The Cambridge International Diploma (CIDTL) provided. It gave me the flexibility to work and learn at the same time. I found the faculty very inspiring as they provided timely feedback and guidance which helped me complete the course successfully. I was able to be placed successfully in a reputed international school. I strongly recommend this course to aspiring teachers.

    Sandya Manojkumar,
    CIDTL 2018

    Indus International School, Bangalore

    ITARI has helped me transform myself to a reflective, learner centric teacher. The mentors and the course content has helped me imbibe the skills for being an efficient and effective educator as well as a lifelong learner.

    Swapna Menon,
    PGDE-I 2023

    Indus International School, Bangalore

    It was a wonderful experience to study at ITARI, and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. My time at ITARI was full with opportunities to learn and grow. It provided me with the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people from all over the world, from whom I learned a great deal. I appreciate all of the professors, mentors, and the entire department for providing us with a high-quality education. I’m particularly grateful to ITARI for coordinating placements during this pandemic. Huge admiration, affection, and devotion for the entire faculty and department. It is because of their efforts that I consider myself to be a better professional.

    Varsha Pant,
    PGDE-I 2023

    Indus International School, Bangalore

    Having been a teacher for as long as I have been, it was but natural for me to think that “I should know it all by now and nothing should surprise me”. My experience with ITARI has been the complete contrast of what I thought. From the day I attended my first class till the day I got my certificate, it has been an inspiring, learning and unlearning process. There was so much to learn from every member of the faculty and every student that I felt like a student all over again, who was in awe of the many more things that I have yet to learn and explore. Of the many things that I would like to commend the team on, the one thing that will stick with me, is the patience and calmness with which you approach your students. This is one quality that I will remember and will try to emulate as a teacher. Because like Maya Angelou said “People will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. Thank you ITARI and keep doing the wonderful work that you do.

    Kavita Antony,
    PGDE-I 2021

    Oberio International School

    ITARI moulded me into the educator that I am today. ITARI helped me enhance my skills of what it means to Educate and make a child a lifelong learner. To teach a child is not just about imparting knowledge but it is all about nurturing the child’s heart and mind. ITARI instilled in me the right disposition to be an educator and a mentor and to believe in the habit of excellence. I am always in deep gratitude to my mentors at ITARI who are the best in the field, and they bring out the best in us.

    Pausha Kumar,
    PGDE-I 2018

    Indus International School, Bangalore

    ITARI is one of the leading institutes in India to offer postgraduate level, professional teacher certification programmes in International Education. The focus of ITARI is pedagogical reflection practises that helps in building a community of highly experienced educators to help students to become change agents. As the director of one of the Early Learning Centres, I have discovered that the accessibility and opportunity to equip oneself with qualifications, credentials, and certifications with mentoring opportunities is remarkable, and the support I have received at ITARI has been personalised. The courses at ITARI have made me a critical reflective practitioner who is open to feedback and is intrinsically motivated to continue being a lifelong learner. This passion and pursuit of excellence is now a mindset shaped by all the mentoring and leadership lessons I have been fortunate to experience at ITARI. Thank you ITARI for instilling this love for lifelong learning and self-development.

    Sonali Malhotra,
    M.A.Ed. 2019

    Indus Early Learning Centre, Koramangala

    My journey, as a Teacher Learner, at Indus Training and Research Institute has been absolutely transformative. I have experienced that the most difficult thing to do is to unlearn. The unlearning of concepts, practices, stereotypes, and biases which we acquire by unmindful socialisation at home, school and society at large become a hindrance in purposeful learning. It was ITARI where I was introduced to the concept of unlearning. Through unlearning, learning and relearning the practical and powerful teaching learning designs and strategies once can ensure that the learning outcomes are attained for every learner in the class.

    Shreejal Suvarna,
    PGDE-I 2018

    The journey of transformation that got initiated at ITARI still continues. A beautiful and serene campus with highly qualified and committed ITARI faculty members and an enriching learning design with a personal touch shaped me as teacher. At ITARI, the tradition of thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis made me question the existing teaching-learning theories and critically see their relevance to the present learning-learner context.

    The course offers various opportunities for self-reflection and develops you as a person through deep reading, applying those concepts in your lives, and goal setting.
    I strongly feel that ITARI has played a very critical role in transforming me to become a humane and empathetic teacher.

    Nishija PK,
    PGDE-I 2019 & CIDTL 2019

    Indus International School, Bangalore

    The question, that always made me curious was how a child learns the letters and numbers along with other skills and starts making sentences. Children are not a machine or a computer that depends on coding or binary numbers to showcase their best. I found my answers in those CIDTL classes.

    Every class raised my confidence bar, and every closed door started to open for me.
    The skill of reflection that I learnt at ITARI, I continued to employ at the end of the day and worked on the feedback received from my coordinator or my colleagues.

    Aditi Saha Das
    CIDTL 2022

    Oakridge International School, Bangalore


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